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Two Friends Healing Arts Academy

Two Friends Healing Arts Academy:

How will you access better, vibrant health for yourself this year? Wellness is a process that requires your active participation in body, mind, spirit and emotion. Two Friends Academy can help you get started with simple time-proven techniques you can learn in a reasonable amount of investment and time.

We have great classes that encourage your new beginnings and your continued growth. Need to step into a better you? We're here to help!

Many people are trying to start enjoying better health and/or are creating a more vibrant spiritual life. Some want to expand their knowledge to enhance their health and spirituality in the special energy of this modern time. Two Friends Academy is a great place to start. Our classes are excellent for those beginning this journey and can assist folks already started on their path to a deeper enriched level.

CHECK THE EVENTS PAGE TO SEE WHEN INDIVIDUAL CLASSES ARE OFFERED OR JUST CALL SUE AT 920-210-1791 to schedule a class or workshop for your group.

Reiki Classes:

Anyone with desire to do so can learn the Reiki energy techniques. Reiki is a simple healing modality. Reiki healing can be used on oneself, family members, friends, animals, plants, and the earth. Known as "the intelligent energy" Reiki goes where it's needed!

Reiki is channeled from the Universal Life Energy" through the practitioner and to the client.

To fully connect with the energy, a student must go through an Attunement process given by a Reiki Master Teacher. All classes include meditation, Attunement, handbook, hands on practice, and certificate for Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Master Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher.

Classes are held at the Two Friends Healing Studio • 5 Main Street • Montello or at the Copper Penny Ranch near Montello, WI. All Reiki classes require a minimum of two students. Call Sue Johnson to schedule your class date and class level at 920-210-1791 or check the EVENTS page to see if a class is being offered that you wish to take.

Single student classes may be available: call Sue at 920-210-1791.

Preregistration and non refundable deposit of $50 is due with registration for Level 1, Level 2, and Master Practitioner.

Reiki Level 1 (open to everyone)
Learn the basics of Reiki healing energy. You will be able to access Reiki healing energy for yourself, pets, environment, and situations and give sessions to others. $150
Reiki Level 2 (you must be Level 1 Reiki)
Increase your access to Reiki healing energy in Level 2. Learn Reiki's powerful distant healing symbols and be able to apply them during Reiki sessions with yourself and others as well as being more effective offering distant Reiki to others. $150
Master Practitioner
(Level 3)

(you must be Level 2 Reiki)
Master Practitioner or Level 3 Reiki is the final attunement level for maximum access and flow to “Universal Light Energy (Reiki Energy)”. You have full access to Reiki for personal use, distant healing and working with others. This completes your Reiki attunements. $150

Reiki Master Teacher class • Four sessions $300 for series Please call for information 920-210-1791 (you must be Reiki Master Practitioner level) If you wish to attune others to Reiki and teach classes, this is for you. There are no additional attunements, Master Practitioner level is the highest level in Reiki.
Youth Reiki (open to youth 10 years old & older)
Learn the basics of Reiki healing energy. You will be able to use the energy for yourself, pets, environment, and situations and give simple Reiki sessions to others. $65
Reiki for Anyone (open to everyone)
In this beginning class learn the basics of Reiki healing energy. You will be able to use the energy for self care and your pets. $75
Reiki for Animals (Receive a Reiki Level 1 Attunement - 2014 Special)
Learn about the energy system of some common pets, livestock, and birds. Practice using Reiki on animal chakra systems and using a pendulum as a diagnostic tool. $75

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Check out Arline Rowden at ReikiWisconsin.com for additional Reiki resources

Acupressure Classes:

Taught by Certified Instructor Penny Negley of Simply Reiki

Receive Continuing Education hours for Seva Acupressure Stress Release classes and Acupressure for Anyone classes from Soul Lightening International

Acupressure for Self Care
Seva Stress Release Part One (3 hours $60)

This three hour class teaches an acupressure protocol (The Seva Stress Release) that can be used for self-care, addressing a wide range of needs, including general relaxation and well being or extreme shock and stress. This workshop does not require previous bodywork experience. Anyone can learn this simple but effective way to help themselves. This dynamic and interactive workshop allows the participant to fully experience the Seva Stress release through demonstration and hands-on practice. Workshop participants learn a unique touch method, various effective acupoints and how to use this protocol for self care. In this workshop participants learn about the healing and transforming power of acupressure, practice techniques to use for self-care, learn Chakra Tai Chi, and take home skills they can use for the rest of their life.

Seva Stress Release: Part Two (3 hours $60)
This is part two of our introductory training. Our special form of acupressure touch is reviewed, and students learn to give acupressure to others. The Seva Stress Release is demonstrated and practiced in two new ways: seated in chairs and lying comfortably on massage tables. After taking modules one and two, students have enough information and skill to practice easily on themselves, as well as with family and friends.

These two modules (or a complete 6 hour Seva Stress Release workshop) comprise the pre-requisite for taking any of the remaining Acupressure for Anyone workshops.

Pre-requisite: Seva Stress Release: Part One

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Acupressure for Anyone Workshop Descriptions: Continuing Education Units Available

Penny Negley of Simply Reiki is offering Acupressure for Anyone Modules at the Copper Penny Ranch • W5798 State Rd 23 • or or at the Two Friends Healing Studio at 5 Main Street, Montello WI

She must have 4 students to hold the class. Acupressure for Anyone classes are open to anyone who has completed the 6 hour Seva Stress Release class.

Great Central Channel Alignment (3 hours $60)
The Great Central Channel is among the first energetic patterns developed in the body in utero. It travels along the spine to the top of the head, and up the midline on the front of the body to the face. Points along this channel are extremely potent, and have been used for thousands of years for balancing and healing. In Chinese Medicine it is said that human beings are the bridge between heaven and earth. This acupressure formula for the Great Central Channel enhances and strengthens this alignment—bringing balance, ccomfort and ease to the receiver. At this workshop students give and receive the Great Central Channel Release and learn Chakra Tai Chi, a special movement meditation developed by Aminah Raheem, Ph.D., the founder of Soul Lightening Acupressure.

Pre-requisites: Seva Stress Release: Part One & Part Two

Formulas for Balance & Harmony (3 hours $60)
The most fundamental principles of Chinese Medicine are based in establishing and maintaining balance and harmony throughout the whole being—bodyy, mind, emotions, and spirit. When this is attained we are vibrant and healthy, all our systems are working together well, and we can live life to the fullest. The acupressure formulas introduced in this module are specially created to help us reclaim this sense of well-being. By holding these special point combinations we provide an opportunity for the system to recalibrate itself–allowing for the extremes of life to balance out, and returning us to our natural state of harmony. Using these formulas regularly creates a steady baseline of well-being. Once we know how to attain balance and harmony on a regular basis, it is much easier to address the occasional symptoms and disruptive patterns that arise in daily living. During this workshop you will practice locating points and reading the formulas. You will also give and receive a full acupressure session.

Pre-requisites: Seva Stress Release: Part One & Part Two

Head and Neck Formulas (3 hours $60)
In our culture a high priority is placed on being able to think and respond quickly and clearly—-not just intellectually, but physically, emotiionally and spiritually as well. The free flow of energy in the head and neck is crucial for obtaining and maintaining this clarity. In this workshop we introduce three acupressure formulas that will help open the pathways of communication between the head and the rest of the body. Students will learn and practice the Basic Neck Release, the Head Formula, and the Special Headache Release.

Pre-requisites: Seva Stress Release: Part One & Part Two

Back, Abdomen & Chest Formulas (3 hours $60)
It is said that the torso of the body, including the back, abdomen and chest, is where we store the records of our lives. In broad terms, the majority of our physical processes are centered here, but on another level the torso completely reflects the core of who we are. The acupressure formulas learned in this module bring a clearer, stronger flow of energy through the torso. Students learn and practice the Back Formula, The Chest Formula, and the Abdominal Formula.

Pre-requisites: Seva Stress Release: Part One & Part Two

Formulas for the Arms & Legs (3 hours $60)
Every energy pathway that originates in the core of the body flows outward to the arms, legs, hands and feet. This makes the hundreds of acupoints on the extremities very useful for addressing the "hole being." In this workshop students learn and experience how these acupressure formulas that benefit the arms and legs also support the emotions and provide a sense of well-being and stability. A special Muscle Relaxation Formula is included in this module.

Pre-requisites: Seva Stress Release: Part One & Part Two

Cold and Flu Formulas (3 hours $60)
Learn how to support the body's natural ability to ward off colds and flu with our Immune/Lymph Booster Formula. This is a wonderful tool for supporting the immune system whether you are just beginning to feel symptoms, or have already come down with something. It is also a wonderful way to address common allergy symptoms. Students will also learn the powerful Sinus/Ear Formula.

Pre-requisites: Seva Stress Release: Part One & Part Two

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Integrating the Seasons…

Two - day long workshops focusing on a season of the year and the personality archetypes we carry within ourselves. Based on indigenous cultures and Chinese Five Element view of the world.

Are you a seeker? Join Sue and Penny as they draw upon multicultural practices, the seasons of Nature, and the sacred seasons of our lives. Nurture and support your unique blend of body, mind, spirit and emotions. Each workshop includes meditation, Chakra Tai Chi, activities and information relating to the archetype and the season.

Learn simple methods for energizing and balance as you learn about the whole that is you. These workshops are perfect for nurturing both persons in the healing arts and those interested in a deeper understanding of their own special self. Learn how to draw on your own strength with simple practices in these challenging times.

Spring/Healer Workshop:
Spring; it's the time to get growing and get going. We are all healers from the moment we kiss it and "make it all better" to the quiet witness of "just being there" in grief and joy. Join us in a discovery of the inner Healer and how its strengths work and how you can best nurture all the aspects attending life with a full four-chambered heart.
Summer/Truth Teller Workshop:
If you could create the perfect world for yourself, your children & grandchildren, and your community, what would it look like to you? Visionary asks you to look within yourself, discover your truth and true self, and bring your unique, authentic self to our world. You create your own life. Using the visionary aspect of our authentic self we have the power to change our world.
Fall/Wisdom Workshop:
Wisdom is acceptance of outcome in your life with no attachments to what you want it to be. Let go and maintain your sense of humor. Become more objective, flexible and resilient. As we are the first teachers of the next generations, use your wisdom to start children and others around you to become better people. Learn practices to strengthen the trust and wisdom of your inner self.
Winter/Leadership Workshop:
In winter our lives draw inward as we await the potential of spring. Learn simple ways to support the Warrior/Leader Archetype of your personality to help achieve balance and harmony in this season of cold, dormancy and potential.

Minimum attendance requirement is 5 people maximum 12 people. The cost of each Integrating the Seasons workshop is $80 or pay for the full series for $275. A non-refundable deposit of $25 is required to hold your place with an individual workshop.

"I use my "Integrating the Seasons" information whenever I feel out of touch with myself. No matter what the season, I find useful and timely information that helps bring me back "home" to myself. the booklet never fails to give me some sort of insight into myself and what is going on in my body and spirit, especially during the season transitions. Thank you Two Friends for such a lovely reference from the class....it is an invaluable addition to my "tool" chest!"~Kes

Integrating the Season Workshops are held at Copper Penny Ranch • W5798 State Road 23 • or at the Two Friends Healing Studio at 5 Main Street in downtown Montello Wisconsin from 10 am to 4 pm. Bring a lunch, or if held at 5 Main, there are restaurants close by. Coffee, tea and water are provided.

Invite 4 people and schedule your workshop at the Ranch!

Beginning Chakra Workshop- 4 hrs $65

Did you know in much of the world it is believed that illness and "dis-ease" shows up in our energy body before we have the symptoms in our physical body? Learn about your personal energy system and how to support it. Balance these "wheels of light" with Chakra Tai Chi. This is a great beginning class to get an understanding of how our energetic bodies work with us and keep us healthy.

Creating a Personal/Family Sacred Space- 2hrs $35

Every household should have Sacred Space. Locate your special quiet, peaceful Sacred Space in your home or garden. Create a "travelling" sacred space. Give yourself and your family a location to step aside from the daily hectic pace and reflect and rejuvenate. A guided meditation is part of this lovely class on the sacredness we need to celebrate in our lives.

Using a Pendulum as a Working Tool- 2hrs $35

Dousing has been used by civilized people from ancient times. A pendulum is one tool that is often used to sense blocked energy, find answers to questions, and even find lost items. In this workshop students will learn how to work with a pendulum.

Making Spirit/Memory Dolls- 4hrs $65

When you make your spirit/memory doll, whether for yourself or as a gift, the idea is to be mindful, perhaps even prayerful, of her purpose. The act of making a doll can take a person through a process of creative imagination, growth and healing. Within the hearts of these dolls, personal life stories of honesty, self-awareness, and human potential are to be found, seen and shared.

Stitching, stuffing, winding, wrapping, and embellishing encourage the doll's personality to emerge. Doll making for personal growth may be a process of healing and self-discovery. Making these dolls help people come to terms with, and mend, pain and loss, or deal with deep-rooted fears. Also, doll making can help you heal at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Your doll will be very crude and simple. Gather materials that call to you then state your intention as to why you are making this doll.

Doll shape, some fabric, lace, leather, ribbons are available to start your creation. Need an activity for a small group or family group? This is a great one.



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