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Mission Statement:
Two Friends Healing Arts, LLC is serving humanity thru teaching the healing arts and holistic modalities, sharing them with others so they can in return help themselves, their families and communities. We complete the circle with a healing path in which humanity reigns with peace of mind-body-spirit-emotion for the serene future to come.

Reiki and Acupressure as Complementary Alternative Medicine:

Penny Negley and Sue Johnson of Two Friends Healing Arts, LLC give sessions and teach the healing modalities of Reiki and Acupressure. These therapies are natural and organic, working with your personal energy. You are actually an active participant in your own wellness with Reiki and Acupressure. Both energy healing styles work with western medicine in all its forms from chronic conditions, to healing from surgery or injury, to maintaining your health. It is two of many modalities of self-care. In this day of distant doctors and medical facilities taking care of SELF is most important. Two Friends Healing Arts practices can help you take care of you and your family.

About Two Friends Academy Director Sue Johnson:

Sue is the Two Friends education and workshop specialist for Two Friends Healing Arts, LLC Academy. She has experience as a teacher in public schools, Wisconsin Technical College System, and (in her younger years) as a volunteer workshop/education trainer for the National Guard, Army Reserve and Department of Army. Sue is a highly skilled, popular and innovative teacher.

Sue has BS in Geology and additional degrees from her second schooling with Wisconsin Technical College System. She is a Reiki Teacher and has been working in the healing arts since 2001. Sue was introduced to acupressure in 2004 and has been a student/practitioner since 2008 in clinical and process acupressure with Soul Lightening International. Sue has experienced, learned, and shares many other types of wellness and healing practices through a variety of organizations, schools and teachers and continues her life-long studies of spirituality and healing.

Sue is a fiber artist for over 40 years. She is a hand spinner, makes handmade felt, and is hand weaver making accessories and clothing.

As a partner in Two Friends Healing Arts, LLC, Sue co-creates and team teaches workshops and classes, provides weekend retreats and often partners with Penny for Acupressure and Reiki sessions.

“Overall when you attend a workshop, class, retreat or session with the Two Friends you will find that it isn’t what you think it’s going to be; it’s more”, says Sue.

Interested in a class? Check our Academy listingsthen contact Sue Johnson at 920-210-1791.

About Penny Negley Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Acupressure Practitioner:

Penny Negley is from the Midwest, worked as a professional Sign Artist with General Motors, and owned her own Sign studio in Montello, WI. She has worked with the National Council of Alcohol and Drug Dependence out of Santa Clarita, CA and studied to be an AODA counselor in Sylmar, CA.

She became interested in alternative healing. She was introduced to Reiki energy in 1995. This eventually led to her becoming Reiki in 2000 and a Reiki Teacher since 2003. She works Reiki with her animals on her Ranch on a regular basis, which led her to design a Reiki for Anyone class that includes working with your pets. She and Sue have collaborated to create a Reiki for Animals class that includes working healing energy in all sizes of animals.

Penny is certified in Clinical Acupressure with Soul Lightning International, a non-profit organization, and has studied with them since 2008. She is currently enrolled for certification in Process Acupressure with Soul Lightening International.

As a Certified Teacher with Soul Lightening International, Penny teaches SEVA Stress Release classes. SEVA Stress Release protocol, (SEVA means "selfless, compassionate service), was introduced to New York City and the world after 9/11. Penny is also Certified with Soul Lightening International to teach Acupressure for Anyone. A4A, as it is called, is a series of classes that address common issues of health and wellness in everyone's lives.

She is partners with Sue Johnson and together as the Two Friends Healing Arts LLC, they teach Reiki and do Gatherings and Workshops specifically oriented towards building community and empowering yourself.

Penny is a skilled Reiki and Acupressure practitioner and would be delighted to schedule a session with you. Call Penny at 608-572-1465 for your appointment. She offers special pricing packages and often gives discounts for seniors.

So what do we do? Here’s just a sampling:

Reiki Classes – Sue and Penny are both Reiki Master Teachers since 2003 and teach together which brings a special richness to classes. They teach the three levels of Reiki and Reiki Master Teacher level. Additional Reiki classes include: Reiki for Anyone– this class is for you to work on yourself and your companion pets. Reiki for Youth – this class is geared for children ages 10 to teen years so they can access Reiki energy for their own use. Reiki for Animals – learn abbout the energy system of some common pets, livestock, and birds. Practice using Reiki energy with animal chakra systems.

Reiki Sessions – Penny and Sue are available to schedule your Reiki session including Reiki Boosts. Sessions last approximately an hour. You relax fully clothed on a massage table and enjoy the gentle energy accessed and channeled by the Reiki Master.

Acupressure Classes– Penny is a certified teacher for Soul Lightening International in both SEVA Stress Release and Acupressure for Anyone. Penny is one of four teachers for Acupressure for Anyone in the mid-west.

SEVA Stress Release protocol was developed after 9/11 for stress relief throughout the world. It is easy to learn and use. There are two classes available; SEVA for self care and SEVA for care of others. SEVA is Sanskrit for "selfless, compassionate service."

Acupressure for Anyone workshops teach people to take charge of their own health using a time-tested, gentle, and effective method of holding specific acupoint combinations.

Acupressure Sessions Penny is certified practitioner in Clinical Acupressure with Soul Lightening International and is currently enrolled in the certification program for Process Acupressure. She is happy to schedule an acupressure session with you. Call Penny at 608-572-1465 to schedule your acupressure session.

Sue is also available to facilitate your Clinical Acupressure session. She is currently in the Clinical Acupressure Certification program with Soul Lightening International and has been a practitioner since 2008. Call/text 920-210-1791 to schedule your appointment.

Soul Lightening Acupressure uses fingertip pressure at two points to activate and balance Chinese meridians.  For more information on Soul Lightening International push this link:

Check the Two Friends Healing Arts Academy page for other delightful and insightful workshops to keep you well in all seasons of the year and all seasons of your life.

Two Friends Healing Arts, LLC COMMUNITY OUTREACH:

Acupressure Stress Release Clinics – Periodically Two Friends Healing Arts, LLC hold Stress Release Clinics on a donation basis with the proceeds going to a chosen organization. These community fund raising activities have occurred under various organizations and in different locations. Some beneficiaries of the Acupressure Stress Release Clinic donations have been the Kingston Public Library, Montello Senior Center, and Town Square in Green Lake.

Two Friends Healing Arts, LLC has also participated in health fairs and given Acupressure Stress Release at Westfield Schools, Columbia State Prison, and the State Corrections Office in Madison.

Acupressure & Reiki Events – Sue and Penny, as teachers and practitioners, offer time for healing practitioners to get together to share Reiki, healing touch, and acupressure etc. It is a time to enhance our skills and share with other like minded persons.

The Acupressure and Reiki Event is also a time for community members wishing to experience Acupressure Stress Release or Reiki energy to join us in a safe nurturing environment for a donation. No other area organization offers a chance to encourage your own bodies wellness without a set fee schedule.

Donations are gratefully accepted and help defray the costs of the space, utilities and refreshments supplied. Acupressure & Reiki Events are part of Two Friends Healing Arts, LLC and our practitioner friends community service and are offered several times a year.


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